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March 25-26, 2022


DevCon 2022 is the largest platform for the developer ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. Developers, technology leaders and dev-tool companies come together at DevCon to learn, discuss and debate the key opportunities and challenges. It’s the ultimate platform for the developer ecosystem with the best of resources, communities and practices.


Be part of the largest developer summit in the region.

Meet and learn from the legendary developers, technology leaders, and builders

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Gain access to content and resources that is sought after by developers
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As a developer, you can count on the DevCon for the following

Engage with the Largest community of thought leaders, specialists, and industry experts across APAC
Participate in a one stop forum for developers and team leaders to connect, engage and learn from the best
Spark continued industry discussions and connect with community members
Gain access to developer tools and resources on a single platform
Brainstorm or seek guidance in Individual communities based on technologies, geographies, domains



Decoding the role of engineers
in an increasingly 'algorithmist' world


Product learnings session across domains - 'Fintech' 'Healthcare' 'Social Commerces' 'Media' etc.


One of a kind immersive Project-Based Developer Learning Programs

And more coming soon…



Akanksha Balani

[AWS APJ Alliance Head at Intel, Global AI and HPC GTM Lead at Intel]

Amr Awadallah

[ CEO at Zir inc.]

Bhaskar Sunkara

[Former CTO at AppDynamics]

Agustinus Nalwan

[Head of AI and Machine Learning at Carsales]

Dheeraj Pandey

[Co-founder and CEO at DevRev and ex-CEO of Nutanix]

Sandy Carter

[Senior Vice President and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains]


Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

First Day
March 25th, 2022
Second Day
March 26th, 2022
- An overview of Heterogenous Architecture
- Neural Rank
- How does Car sales exponentially scale up their AI with MLOps
- What's next in AI: Differentiable programming
- Democratizing actionable insights
- Panda 101
- Logging best practices
- How to create a better user discovery experience using elasticsearch
- How Continuous Delivery is standardizing your releases
- Optimizing Application Performance on Kubernetes
Open source
- How to build orchestration, credential and monitoring system for ETL using open source tools
- Building a real-time version control platform in the open
- Reducing Operational Complexity with an Elasticsearch alternative
- Why is COSS the next $2 Trillion tech category
- The journey of building Beckn Protocol
- Challenges of building an API service
- Getting it right - what it takes to build a thriving culture for developers
- Writing code is easy, being a great developer is hard
- Product led methodologies
- Supporting women in the workforce
- How to stay relevant and reinvent yourself in the technology world
Want to know what are speakers going to talk about at the event? Click the button to see the Speaker's Agenda.
- How to hack the startup PM interview
- Building Sticky User Experiences
- Building and Structuring Product Teams for Growth
- Finding Market Fit before You Even Have a Prototype
- Take your customer experience to the next level with voice and natural language
- Programming for Accessibility
- Building decentralised transaction networks via open protocol
- How to Think and Solve for Distributed Computing Problems
- Assuring Data Quality at Scale
- Building a robust fintech infrastructure for India
- All engineers are security engineers
- Respecting privacy and consent in an Increasingly Informed World
- InfoSec for Remote Teams
- Security & game development
- Separating the signal & noise in the Web 3.0 & crypto world
- Building for a metaverse
- Building production-ready apps based on the blockchain
- Reimagining tools for Web3.0
- How to create your own NFT collection
- Future of security and privacy in DeFi
- Solving for micropayments in crypto
Want to know what are speakers going to talk about at the event? Click the button to see the Speaker's Agenda.

Meet our Technical Advisory Board

Ajey Gore

[Operating partner, technology / CTO at Sequoia Capital (India and SEA).]
He has been writing software for more than two decades now. Previously, he was the head of engineering and group CTO of GoJek. Prior to this, he has started two startups – CodeIgnition and SoLoMo Media Pvt Ltd. Ajey has also been the head of technology at ThoughtWorks India.

Vibhore Sharma

[Engineering & Product leader with over 20 years of experience]
He has built & led teams engaged in software and systems engineering. He was amongst the earliest team members of InfoEdge India and played a pivotal role in scaling the company’s technology and products. Currently, scouting for emerging Science and Tech startups to invest.

Akanksha Balani

[AWS APJ Alliance Head at Intel, Global AI and HPC GTM Lead at Intel]
She leads the team responsible for bringing value to the Intel and AWS partnership with her technology leadership in Migrations, HPC, and Edge to Cloud. Akanksha has been driving focused strategies to help build IoT, AI knowhow on Intel, and tech-skilling over 100,000 developers.

Gabe Hollombe

[Head of APJC Developer Relations at AWS]
As the head of AWS DevRel for APJC, Gabe manages a team of proficient Developer Advocates. Together, they work to inspire and educate hands-on builders to build best-in-class solutions on AWS. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games and telling bad dad joke puns.

Ekta Parashar

[Head of Solutions Architecture, Enterprise Business at Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd.]
Being a technologist, Ekta advises and supports customers with their architecture and digital transformation journey as they migrate and innovate on AWS Cloud. High on #CustomerObsession, she is a regular speaker at AWS customer conferences like re:Invent, Summit and Innovate.

Look out for announcements on which other Industry Thought Leader is on the Technical Advisory Board!



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1 Day

  • Access to mobile app
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1 Day

  • Access to mobile app
  • Access to 1000+ talk
  • Access to exhibition floor
  • Access attendee database
  • Email support

2 Day

  • Access to mobile app
  • Access to 1000+ talk
  • Access to exhibition floor
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  • Access to 1000+ talk
  • Access to exhibition floor
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What's New?

The day after the conference, continue learning with one of our expert trainers. Places are limited – first come, first served!


  • Keynote: 20-30 min talk/presentation by the pioneers and leaders of technology.
  • Masterclass: 45-60 min in-depth session by the tech team leaders and enablers.
  • Learning Session: 60-180 min session for topics which need a focused deep dive.

The annual DevCon summit will have multiple tracks focusing on areas of interest for developers – like Web3.0 – Blockchain Dev, Open source, AI & ML, Developer tool, Serverless technology, AR-VR, Emerging tech, Women-in-tech and more.

  • Scale: 2022 will witness 20x higher participation in comparison to any other conference in the APAC region.
  • Diversity: DevCon 2022 will be the first developer conference to host such a diverse variety of tracks (e.g. blockchain, open source, emerging tech, AI/ML, cloud, dev-tools, AR-VR development) and participants (from engineering, product, design background).
  • Resourcefulness: DevCon 2022 participants get access to the best developer tools and resources. They also become a part of the largest developer community across APJ.
  • Not just a conference but A Community – Apart from the annual mega summit, Devcon 2022 will be followed by a series of curated events/sessions/workshops/meetups taking place through 2022.
  • Content – DevCon 2022 annual summit is followed by podcasts, and blogs published on the platform discussing the most important topics.

Please write to with your interest and we’ll get back to you.