Join the largest developer

summit of APAC

March 25-26, 2022



Akanksha Balani

[AWS APJ Alliance Head at Intel, Global AI and HPC GTM Lead at Intel]

Amr Awadallah

[ CEO at Zir inc.]

Bhaskar Sunkara

[Former CTO at AppDynamics]

Agustinus Nalwan

[Head of AI and Machine Learning at Carsales]

Dheeraj Pandey

[Co-founder and CEO at DevRev and ex-CEO of Nutanix]

Sandy Carter

[Senior Vice President and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains]


Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

First Day
March 25th, 2022
Second Day
March 26th, 2022
- An overview of Heterogenous Architecture
- Neural Rank
- How does Carsales exponentially scale up their AI with MLOps
- What's next in AI: Differentiable programming
- Democratizing actionable insights
- Panda 101
- Logging best practices
- How to create a better user discovery experience using elasticsearch
- How Continuous Delivery is standardizing your releases
- Optimizing Application Performance on Kubernetes
Open source
- How to build orchestration, credential and monitoring system for ETL using open source tools
- Building a real-time version control platform in the open
- Reducing Operational Complexity with an Elasticsearch alternative
- Why is COSS the next $2 Trillion tech category
- The journey of building Beckn Protocol
- Challenges of building an API service
- Getting it right - what it takes to build a thriving culture for developers
- Writing code is easy, being a great developer is hard
- Product led methodologies
- Supporting women in the workforce
- How to stay relevant and reinvent yourself in the technology world
- How to hack the startup PM interview
- Building Sticky User Experiences
- Building and Structuring Product Teams for Growth
- Finding Market Fit before You Even Have a Prototype
- Take your customer experience to the next level with voice and natural language
- Programming for Accessibility
- Building decentralised transaction networks via open protocol
- How to Think and Solve for Distributed Computing Problems
- Assuring Data Quality at Scale
- Building a robust fintech infrastructure for India
- All engineers are security engineers
- Respecting privacy and consent in an Increasingly Informed World
- InfoSec for Remote Teams
- Security & game development
- Separating the signal & noise in the Web 3.0 & crypto world
- Building for a metaverse
- Building production-ready apps based on the blockchain
- Reimagining tools for Web3.0
- How to create your own NFT collection
- Future of security and privacy in DeFi
- Solving for micropayments in crypto